Our Company

Rivneholod ALC was founded in 1950, since 2001 the company became a family-owned business.

A healthy eating is the sphere that develops rapidly and intensively especially in a modern world that constantly demands modernization. Thus, there is a growing demand for organic food including IQF berries.


Our territory is the main point of wild berries collection in Ukraine.

Geographically Rivneholod is conveniently located next to the wild berries main collection centers. These are the Carpathians and Polissya region that are the most ecologically clean areas in Ukraine. Blueberry, blackberry, lingonberry, cranberry, aronia and raspberry are rather widespread on these territories.

Rivneholod ALC is one the biggest Ukrainian manufactures of IQF wild berries.

We are in the process of constant modernization; in the 2006 we got HACCP certificate and launched organic production.

We are also certified according to international quality standards ISO 9001.


Management control system is also based on international standards.

We do supply finished product during all year round, strictly following all the necessary temperature conditions in order to provide best quality of our product.

Now Rivneholod supplies finished product in all European countries, USA and China.

Quality of the product defines peoples’ health!